I came back to my room,plugged my phone in charging and a message from her popped up.

“See yaar it was an awkward situation for me,i didn’t knew how to react. We are good as friends and i love hanging out with you ” and i replied “Ok”. Sitting in my room i thinking of that moment again and again in my head,i came to the conclusion even i didn’t knew how to react to that. The things i thought i would say to her while confessing remained in my head only and the things i spoke at that moment were only 2 lines.Though she was very friendly but at that moment it felt like she was taking an interview of me being very strict and arrogant type. I don’t know what it was but whatever it was, now it was over and i have to overcome it.

I thought that i should act normal after this, after all rejection is a part of life and you can’t stuck back or start ignoring others due to this. Few days passed by i acted normal like that confession never happened and she was normal too. Sometimes i think maybe all the poking,caring and helping that i did to her had no meaning or maybe these all things annoyed her.

So i stopped talking to her and starting ignoring her. She realized this a little late but when she realized it she also stopped talking to me and ignored me too. So i thought that this is how our friendship will end and i didn’t liked  it. Days passed by, so does the awkwardness between us.

As one fine day grabbing me by my hand the crazy took me to a secluded place. She asked what is your problem, i replied nothing.

I don’t think so, your behaviour is different than usual.She said.

So is your, I replied.

She bluntly said you start acting normally with me or i wont be talking to you.

You don’t talk to me, I replied.

So you want a full explanation. Ok then.  She i told you i see you as a good friend and i meant it too. So i don’t want to loose you because of our that night’s conversation.So you better put your up and be normal.She said.

Ok, I replied.

Slapping me on my head and giggling she went away. I smiled standing there looking at the child inside her who values friendship more than anything else.

Now i am normal and things are back on track as they used to be, we plan trips together,hangout together and are friends again. The only difference now is that we both are now the logical and the crazy one.

And the only question still unanswered was who she?

She was my quest,

She was my dream,

She was my story yet to come true!




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