The Confession #3

Although we started the trip late but it took us hardly one and half hours to reach shravanabelagola . We climbed around 600 steps to reach at the top of the vindhyagiri hill.

As usual when i see historic monuments around me i start imagining the time when people used to live here. What it meant to be in that moment and live it and i go on talking to myself, explaining what i deduce of my surroundings.As i was busy with myself she pulled me and started enquiring me about jainism.

The time past by and we were sitting on the edge of a cliff on that mountain enjoying the view from there, watching the sun being set and the breeze turning her hair messy and she irritatingly trying to control her hair. I thought that this is the perfect moment to say it. So my mind was ready but my lips were not! and the moment was gone.

On our way back the sky turned darker and darker as we proceeded, wind became cooler, slowly in all turned black and started raining. So now i was driving blind as i wasn’t wearing my spectacles and we both were shivering. Now the one and half hour drive turned into two and half hour long journey on lonely and dark road with light of approaching  vehicles to blind you even more. Soon the rain stopped and we both were shivering a lot, meanwhile the crazy one suggested to stop and go to someones house and get dried up but i continued the drive.

When we about to reach back, I thought of confessing as it was the right moment she was sitting at the back holding me and the mausam was also awesome for the confession.

So i said to her that i want to tell you something.

She said, say…

I paused for a while.

She again asked, what were you saying.

I said it’s nothing.

She asked are you sure it’s nothing?

I said NO.

Like that the moment was passed and my lips still not supported me and we were back.

2 hours had past and i was still wondering what to do and how to say.

I finally texted her i want to tell you something . She replied say!

I said come down i want to say  this in person. She replied tell me tomorrow then !

I said it needs to be told today and right now. She replied wait i am coming.

As i was listening to music to calm me down as i was texting her. The song “Mere dil mai aaj kya hai , tu kahe toh mai bata du” started playing as she came down.

So now she was in front of me standing to hear something from me and i was trying to close my umbrella, which was not an easy task at that moment.So she was standing in front of me and i had no clue what to say now and just started smiling at her.

As i was not able to say a word the reply comes I know what you want to say.

I said you know!

She said yes, I knew it.

I said then ?

She asked what do you expect now!

I said i like talking to you so maybe…

She asked what will you feel,if i say that i don’t feel the same.

I said, it will hurt and i will bad but only a little bit.

She said then that’s the truth!

And she walked away and i plugged back my earphones and walked away too.

The answer was still pending who was she…







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