THE Confession #1

It’s been a while since i have known her, went on some awesome trips with her, had spent amazing time with her, became a close friend of her. You she had became that person in my life with whom you liked to share everything that happens in your life,to whom you want to tell the reason of being happy before anyone else’s know’s it. All in all i think she had became a part of my life without whom you can’t imagine how your life would look like.

So i decided to confess to her how i feel about her. So i planned another trip with her, imagining sitting at top of the mountain with her by my side, sun slowly setting into the mountains ,cool breeze blowing her long hair away and her cheeks turning pink. So this was a filmy scene which was practical enough to be true either in movies or in your dreams. I will tell you my real filmy scene later in the story.

So this was a one day trip to a historic place named “Shravanbelagola” in Hassan district of Karnataka. This place is popular pilgrim destination for Jain’s. As this place has a 59 feet long monolithic statue of  Bahubali (not from the bahubali film). Rest of history in the next story.

So the trip was planned and we were all set to go, as reached the place to pickup our scooty. The manager told us that it will take 1 hour for our scooty to come. So the trip was planned that we will leave by 10o’clock but left after 12o’clock.

It was a near about 90km drive having plain area and farm fields on our way. As usual the ride was smooth with her but last 20 km any how turned to be boring she wasn’t talking anymore and i felt sleepy while driving. After sometime i realized that she was sleeping. I had to stop to wake her and myself.

To be continued in part2….


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