The time we went to Kannur #3

We woke up to the above veiw in morning, the last night was still fresh in my mind, i thought of asking about that kiss but she was so excited to see the veiw that she quickly hopped out of the bed to balcony and we were again going to the drive thru beach. As her hangover of beach wasn’t over yet.

So our morning bath was on the beach,spending nearly 3hrs there,playing in water, dancing with the waves,splashing water on each other,throwing each other in the water. It was like we were kids again having no sense of shame or fear, what others may think out of this. These were the things that made me fall for her a little bit every time we went on a trip.

All done with the beach, we were set to go on our next destination St.Angelo fort, which was situated 3km from kannur.


Barracks of Fort


This fort was built in 1505 by Dom Francisco de Almeida, the first Portuguese Viceroy of India as I wrote earlier. This was one of the first forts built by portuguese after vasco da gama discovered the sea route to india in 1498. After his discovery Dom Francisco de Almedia was sent to india to build forts at Kochin, Cannanore and 2 more places. So this was how the fort was built later dutch took over it in 1663 and then sold it to Ali raja of Arakkal in 1772 which was later the britisher’s seized it in 1790 for making it their chief military station in malabar region. So this is a brief history of the fort.

Sometimes history fascinates me, it has so many untold stories inside it, all you need is patience to research about it and connect various dots until they all starts to connect with each other.

The best thing about her was she was a good listener, who listened to me every time i speak about the history of the place we are and curiously questions me about it. These are the traits hard to find in a girl (;-p).

These traits of her made me wonder who was she?


Thank you for reading this far.If you have any suggestion then do comment them down



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