The time we went to Kannur #2

The waves kept on coming and we were pushed back a little every time and she leaned on me a bit more every time.

I sat down there holding her hand while she was still standing. She asked why are you sitting in muddy water, I replied “We travel to find peace and this is what it looks like and I just want to be in moment”. She left my hand and walked towards the sea as I sat there watching those waves coming back again and again , hitting me, the sound of children playing around and sound of waves making me lost in myself.

When you see endless water everywhere you wonder where the end to this water is? But there is no end to this water as our planet constitute 70% of that and sometime this endless water makes you wonder lets take a boat and chase its end. You want to chase the thing which doesn’t exists. These were just thoughts that were not practical enough to be real.


There she was walking towards the infinite until the water was above her knee. I quietly went behind her, lifted her and threw her in the water, I knew that she was a little bit scared from water but then also I took the risk. After that I was being chased by her for a revenge. She took her revenge I was laying down on the ground and she sat there with smile on her face.

We sat there watching the sun sink into the water turning the sky into various shades of orange . Sitting there she was smiling with a orange glow on her face casted by the setting sun. These all things made me wonder who was she !

All muddy and wet we sat back in the car and headed to the hotel.

We entered the room, freshened up, ordered dinner,2 bottles of beer, sat in the balcony which was sea facing, listening to the sound of waves under a perfectly glowing sky. We kept on talking until our voices became lousy and we were no longer able to understand what we were saying, at that very moment she stood up gave me a kiss on the cheek and went to bed.

I just kept sitting there smiling and closed my eyes.


To be continued in part 3…


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