The time we went to Kannur #1

Kannur or Cannanore it’s previous name is popular for it’s Drive through beach Muzhappilangad .Kannur was an important trading center in the 12th century with active business connections with Persia and Arabia. It served as the Britishmilitary headquarters on India’s west coast until 1887. Kannur also has St. Angelo Fort which was built in 1505 by Dom Francisco de Almeida, the first Portuguese Viceroy of India.The Dutch captured the fort from the Portuguese in 1663. Later, the Dutch’s sold the fort to king Ali Raja of Arakkal in 1772.During the 17th century, Kannur was the capital city of the only Muslim Sultanate in the malabar region, known as Arakkal.

So this time the crazy one planned the weekend trip to go to a beach. We rented a car and was all set for our 250km ride to kannur and in the driver seat was she. Yes, she was driving this time as I don’t know how to drive and she had license to convince me that she knows how to drive. I tell you one thing she was persuasive when it comes to travel.

So the trip began with travelling song being played from my playlist. First 100 km was the same old road to coorg that we had taken previously. Second 80 km was hilly road and last 70 km were plane again.

The fun part of the drive was the second half, driving in the dead zone, where there is no mobile signals and no roadside side shop to help you with bathroom or anything else .


After 3hr long drive we enter kannur, hungry as hell. We entered a mall, entered their food court and all we can see was non-veg food. Anyhow we were able to find one shop and had dosa from there.

After that we headed to our hotel which was 15km away from the city. On our way to hotel came the drive through beach. So we went to the beach first.

She was seeing the beach for first time, as we drove to the beach I started taking off my shoes and she started shouting in excitement so did I. We quickly came out of the car and ran straight to the water.

She grasped my arm as the waves hit her and again started screaming looking at me.

The level of her excitement and my joy seeing her happy had no heights at that point.


To be continued in part 2…


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