The Green Coorg #3

Brahmagiri Wildlife Sanctuary

So this was our last day in coorg and we decided to go to Iruppu Falls which were near about 40 kms from coorg. So after a beautiful night with heer, i was super excited for the next day. We all set to leave our home stay ,packed our bags , put on our black jackets with this feels we sat on our scooty (;-p).

The road to iruppu was simply breadth taking,lush green farms on our sides, sloppy roads which make your scooty bends on sides as you take turns and mountains as your destination. After an hours drive we were at the entrance of Brahmagiri Wildlife Sanctuary as shown above in the panorama and from here it was a 1km hike inside the sanctuary to the falls.


Iruppu Falls 


It was our first experience hiking inside a sanctuary, you could hear the sound of water flowing beside you,sounds of bird chirping and the calmness of nature can be observed.

So we reached the falls and know the logical one was saying lets go under the falls and the crazy one was reluctant and the reason of that will be covered later.So i said to her take my phone and i going under the falls. The water bangs on your head with great pressure and it was cold , see the level of coldness was like you can feel the cold water in summer and it was giving you goosebumps.

After this, i came back to her and held her hand took her with me under the falls so all her shyness was gone and she was enjoying it more the me and her crazy button was switched on again.

So after iruppu we decided to head home and this time on the driver seat was heer and i played music on my phone sitting behind her and we both were just enjoying the music.After while we enter the backside of Nagarhole National Park. After two and half hours of drive we were thirsty, hungry and in middle of a national park so now what to do. After driving for another 400m we found a dhabba and in the excitement to get food heer just raced up the scooty ignoring the height difference of the main road and parking area and the scooty  banged into a tin shelter but no one was injured the situation was in now my control. So at the dhabba we had “kelle ke pakkode,sweet coconut bun and appy” and headed back home.

Now i was driving and heer was sitting behind telling me the reason of not going under the fall at first and it was that she was scared going under the fall and where to find a changing room for changing wet clothes ,luckily we were able to find a changing room and her fear of going under the fall was gone as i pulled her she said.

Thanks for reading till here and please ignore my grammatical errors.


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