The Green Coorg #2


Namdroling Monastery


Before reaching coorg we took a detour to a place called Golden temple ie, a buddhist monastery named “Namdroling Monastery”. So a question occurred in my mind that how come i finding tibetans and buddist monastery in south of india and after doing some research i found the answer, so it like that when china enter in tibet in 1959 to take over tibet, the tibetans fled from there and entered india as refugee, so indian government then led by pandit nehru gave tibetans lands to settle down. They were offered places in dharamshala,HP and Bylakuppe,Karnataka. So that’s the reason we found buddhist monastery in south of india.

So reached coorg near about 4 o’clock partially wet and now we have to find a room to stay. So wandering around fro an hour in coorg we weren’t able to find a place to stay but lots of suggestions of homestays outside coorg. So we found a homestay 10km outside coorg. We quickly freshend up and went form dinner in coorg market, there we found home made chocolate having different flavours like litchi,pan,spice,coffee,honey etc we took a bag of chocolate and came back.

The road back to our homestay wasn’t as beautiful as it was in evening. Pitch black road leading to no where was ahead of us, no street lights accompanying this situation were the sounds of birds and dogs making the scene a bit scary but at last we reached our stay.

So the sky was clear that night with a company of cool breeze, we sat under the sky looking towards stars and imagining what these stars were forming with that chocolate bag between us.

To be continued in part 3….


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