The Green Coorg #1


Sometimes i wonder how are me and heer the travel companions and then the answer pops up automatically, she was the crazy one and i the logical one.Maybe that’s why we were perfect fit for being each others travel companion. You see you need a crazy person on your travel to keep you entertained and a logical one to take you to right place.

So this time the crazy one brought up the idea of a road trip to coorg (popularly known as Scotland of India)and the logical one hesitated,thought for a while and said yes.This was a weeked trip and all we planned was booked a scooty and rest of the things were to be done on the way.

The journey began on saturday morning. The time to reach coorg is ideally 2 hours and we just took 5 hours to reach there and the answere to how it took that long is still a question. All i remember was that i was driving and she sitting back and we kept on talking and talking.Though the topic of converstion changed from life to nature to what if! as the scenes on the way from plain dusty area to green feild and then to lush green mountains

As the hilly road started so does the rain started to, i being the logical one thought of staying under a shelter for a while but the crazy one said lets drive in rain it will be fun.I don’t see the fun in it but after this i was driving and she was sitting back holding me tight and singing on the way. I sometimes wonder how she convenices me to do these kind of things with her.

To be continued in part 2…


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